Friday, January 28, 2005

Islamic Clothing


1) Plus Size Clothing for Muslim Women - (

Finding Women's Muslim clothing the exact size can sometimes prove to be nearly impossible and most tiring especially when it comes to plus sizes. Often you might find clothing which is a perfect fit, but looks terrible! Or worse still, you find the nicest smartest Shalwar Kameez but the shop doesn't have this garment in your plus size! What do you do?

We can help put your mind at rest. Your worries are finally over. With our list of recommended Online Muslim Clothing stores you can find stores which sell plus sizes Muslim Women's clothes which not only look good but also feel just right. Check out our Islamic Clothing page for links to online stores which specialise in Muslim Women's clothing now! Help us to help you!

2) Muslim Clothing for Children- (

Looking for decent Muslim clothing for your children with the perfect fitting and look? Are you finding it increasingly difficult to find quality material kids wear for a low price? Want clothes for your children which are not only smart but also have the Muslim look?

If your answers are yes to all the above questions then you've landed on the right spot. We can help you by directing you to some top online Muslim Clothing Stores for children where you can find Muslim clothes which are sure to exceed your expectations. Check out our Islamic Clothing page for a list of approved retailers now. You won't be disappointed!

3) Islamic Wedding Dresses - (

On the lookout for Islamic Wedding Dresses for your forthcoming marriage? Are you getting worked up about not being able to find modest wedding dresses which conform to the Islamic dress code? Are all the beautiful wedding gear out there short-sleeved thereby rendering it impossible for you to purchase one and wear it for your wedding? Are you looking for wedding dresses which are smart, graceful, modest and Islamically approved at the same time?

Finding Islamic Wedding Dresses for your upcoming marriage can sometimes be a tough job! But this is where we can help you find the ideal Islamic wedding dress. Browse through our compiled list of the best Islamic Clothing Stores which cater for your needs. Check out our Islamic Clothes page now and get that perfect Islamic wedding dress!

4) Salwar Kameez for men - (

Are you a big fan of dressing in Shalwar Kameez? Hunting for some fine salwar kurta and kamiz for men? Trying to find casual shalwar kameez to wear especially for family occasions or just some men's evening wear?

Finding the perfect Shalwar Kameez for men could never have easier! We understand what a daunting task finding shalwar kameez especially for men can truly be. This is why we've taken it upon ourselves to help you! If you look at our Islamic Clothing's page you can find listings of online Shalwar kameez manufacturers which cater just for men! Don't delay, check it out today!

5) Shalwar Kameez for Women - (

With Shalwar Kameez shops for women being wide spread and on the ever increase, women are often left disorientated at where to shop and which stores have the best material and attractive designs. Visiting one shop after the other to purchase Shalwar Kameez can be extremely frustrating (especially for children and the male folk who are forced to drag along!).

We've decided to help you by saving you from making the tedious trip to the never ending clothes shops. Yes, you've got it right! With our list of approved and recommended Salwar Kameez Merchants you can shop online without the fear of tiring yourself out. Check out our Islamic Clothing's page for that list of Online stores where you can purchase different types of embroidered Shalwar Kameez tailored especially for women!

6) Eid Gifts and Islamic Presents - (

Wondering what gifts to get your loved ones this time for Eid or are you just hunting for some Islamic presents to make your family's day whatever the occasion? Have you been giving the same gift of a pair of socks to your husband or brother for the last ten consecutive years? Why not surprise yourself and give them something different this time... ! How about giving your family or friends something Islamic as a present?

With the help of our comprehensive list of Islamic retailers you can discover different ideas for Eid gifts and Islamic presents to give to those you care about. The list of Online Islamic shopping sites that we have offer a wide range of admirable products, gifts you're sure to delight your family with! Check out our collected list of Islamic Online Gift Shops and for once buy some awesome presents!

7) Pakistani Clothing for Women - (

Fed up of wearing Western dresses and skirts for women? Why not aim for the traditional Pakistani look and buy some women's ethnic Pakistani clothing to wear. Be proud of your parent's origin and go for eastern Pakistani clothes guaranteed to make your family happy.

With our list of recommended Pakistani Clothing retailers you can do just that! Discover the joy of dressing in traditional Pakistani apparel for women by browsing through the online stores we've listed especially for you on our Islamic Clothing page!

8) Pakistani Clothes for Men - (

Looking for some exclusive Pakistani Clothes just for men? Finding some nice traditional Pakistani clothing for men is not an easy task. Where do you begin looking? Which men's clothes shops in the West actually sell authentic Pakistani clothing or do you have to travel all the way to Pakistan just to purchase some decent Pakistani styled clothes for men? Who has the time, energy and money to do that?!

No fear. You can buy men's ethnic Pakistani clothing from the comfort of your homes. That's right, these Pakistani garments are only a mouse-click away… amazing huh! It's so simple you're going to torment yourself with thoughts of why you never thought of doing this before! All you have to do is take a look at our Islamic Clothing's page and browse through the list of excellent Online Men's clothes stores which sell exclusive Pakistani Clothes especially made for men. So what are you waiting for, go for it!

9) Indian Bridal Gowns - (

Are you driving your parents up the wall by mercilessly dragging them from shop to shop in search of a suitable east Indian bridal gown only to come out empty handed despite spending literally hours searching in vain in each shop? Are tears of frustration rolling down your face because you've failed to find an Indian bridal gown which meets your taste in fashion?

There's no need for you to worry yourself so much! We wouldn't let your big day be ruined! Visit our Islamic Clothing page and skim through our compiled list of exceptional Online Indian Clothing retailers who offer a wide range of apparel which includes... yes you've got it... Indian bridal gowns! Too good to be true? Why not check it out and see for yourself!

10) General Islamic-wear - Muslim Apparel - (

Living in Western Countries and amongst the influence of non-Muslims, many Muslims unfortunately often lose their sense of Islamic dress and begin to adopt the apparel of the West. The general modest Islamic wear is replaced by improper clothing worn by the people of ignorance.

Why not dress yourself in Islamic attire and show you're proud to be a Muslim! Start buying Islamic wear today by visiting some of the unequalled online Muslim clothes shops we've listed in our Islamic Clothes page whose speciality is manufacturing general Islamic wear and Muslim apparel! You've got nothing to lose but everything to gain so take a look now!

11) Hijabs, Jilbabs - Islamic Scarves - (

Islam emphasises the beauty and importance of women adorning themselves with the Hijab and Jilbab. Our incomparable, beautiful religion highlights the advantages of wearing Islamic scarves and jilbabs and teaches how rewarding it is to adopt the wearing of the hijab. For women to be able to walk in the streets without having the fear of being molested is a much welcomed freedom that only the Hijab and Jilbab can give... Alhamdulillah.

So why not take to following the Islamic dressing of our wonderful Deen and get a taste of liberation that can only come through wearing jilbabs and Islamic Scarves!

Our Islamic Clothing page offers you a chance to go through some of the best Hijabs and Jilbabs online sites which give you an unbelievable choice of different styles of Islamic Scarves and Jilbabs! Check our Islamic Clothing page today!

12) Islamic Jewellery - (

Women's fascination of jewellery is amazing to see (all those gold shops they so love visiting!). So why not be adventurous and go for some admirable Islamic Jewelry which you're sure to be overwhelmed with? Or how about buying the women of your house some awesome jewellery which has the Islamic touch?

Surf through the list of Islamic Goods Shops that we've compiled just for you and purchase some stunning Islamic Jewelry! You don't even need to depart to the shops on foot to do this, it is right here in front of you online for your convenience! Treat yourself with some fine Islamic Jewellery by visiting the Islamic Merchandise Shops we've listed, now!