Monday, February 07, 2005

Flash Nasheeds

Flash Nasheeds: Islamic Flash Nasheeds - Islamic songs made using Flash - English and Arabic Flash Nasheeds.

Flash nasheeds convey the message of the nasheed in an effective way. Many a times, very moving pictures are used which reduce the one listening to the nasheed to floods of tears.

The collection of flash nasheeds we have listed below are heart-rendering and very inspiring. Check out our collection of Islamic songs contructed using Flash media. We have Flash nasheeds in both Arabic and English created by talented individuals. Click the links below to be taken directly to the Flash anasheed. Enjoy!

  • Ghurabaa by 'sa'ad al ghamidi'

  • Last Breath - Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Al-Hijab - Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Ya'Eid - Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Gaza

  • Everything Praises Allah Sung by Ahmed Abd Raffur
  • (*NEW*)