Monday, February 07, 2005

Nasheed Artists and their Anasheed

Nasheeds: English, Arabic and Urdu Anasheed, Yusuf Islam, Sami Yusuf, Zain Bhikha

As Islamic nasheeds, Alhamudlillah gain increasing popularity amongst the Muslim Ummah of today (especially amongst the youth) and with the birth of so many different nasheed artists, it is sometimes difficult to work out who rocks the nasheed world and whose anasheed are really considered 'in' as well as legit.

We have compiled a list of munasheed (nasheed artists) for your convenience, who are considered famous in the nasheed scene. Click on the links below to be taken directly to the nasheeds of some renowned nasheed artists such, Ahmed Bukhatir, Yusuf Islam, Sami Yusuf and an exclusive nasheed by none other than Mufti Taqi Usmani (db)! So Enjoy!

  • Nasheeds by Ahmed Bukhatir

  • Nasheeds by Abu 'Abdul Maalik

  • Nasheeds by Tareq Abu Zeyad

  • Nasheeds by Yusuf Islam

  • Nasheeds by Sami Yusuf

  • Nasheeds by Abu Usaid

  • Nasheeds by Zain Bhikha

  • Special Nasheed by Mufti Taqi Usmani {db} himself!