Monday, February 07, 2005

Nasheeds in English

English Nasheeds: Anasheed in English - Nasheeds by Yusuf Islam - Zain Bhikha nasheeds - Dawud Warnsby Ali Anasheed

With most of us living in Western Countries and English practically being our mother tongue, it is no surprise to find most people enjoy listening to nasheeds which are sung in the English language. Such Islamic songs are much more popular as they can be actually understood by the majority without having to need a translation for each pronounced word.

It is for this reason we present to you a compiled list of interesting and uplifting Islamic anasheed in English by some of the most popular nasheed artists. We have, listed below, nasheeds by the well-known anasheed artists such as Yusuf Islam, Dawud Warnsby Ali and Zain Bhikha amongst others. So listen to them now, and enjoy!

  • A is for Allah by Zain Bhikha

  • Our Guide is the Qur’an by Zain Bikha

  • Salam…Salam… (Peace) by Zain Bikha

  • Afghanistan of Islam by Yusuf Islam

  • Mount Hira by Zain Bhikha

  • Life Returns by Dawud Wharnsby Ali

  • *Note: You will most likely need Real Audio Player to listen to the nasheeds above. This can be downloaded for free from